Cards EP

by Amber Cox

Proper Slap is glad to presents ''Cards EP'' by Amber Cox. In this occasion we give the welcome to the new year 2017 with this lovely & dreamy bundle by this amazing girl. Amber's works are known by releases & collaborations in her duo ''Slumber'' alongside Oona Dahl on labels such as My Favorite Robot, Motek, Igloo-Rec, Nervous, Bad Animal & more. This debut ep include remixes by heavy producers as Marc Ashken Matthus Raman. Absolute dark & experienced techniques are present in this singular package.



Sometimes Happens

by Manuela Gandolfo

 Proper Slap is proud to welcome Manuela Gandolfo to our intimate family. She was born in Turin (Italy) and was always interested in music. She collected, through her travels and experiences, various musical styles up to lead in the world of Electronic music. The Italian artist has delighted many music lovers across the country with her soulful and melancholic music. With her deep love and passion for electronic sounds, she has created many tracks which became quite popular among the music enthusiasts. Future release as well is on 2016 will be on Francesca Lombardo's label Echolette Records with a super deep EP release that will surprise the music scene.Gandolfo's debut in our label with her single ''Sometimes Happens'' that reflects pretty clear her deep groove and tech-house by melodies and voices. Also including remixes by the Puerto Ricans Emiliano Martini Orteez.Both interpretations fallowed by the deeper & profound sounds that characterizing these producers.



Samma Gon

by Martin Mosch

Proper Slap Limited present ''Samma Gon EP'' by Martin Mosch from the city in Cahul District, Moldova.After Martin's album ''A Fost Odata'' in the Romanian label Quanticman he's been working in new ideas & styles.''Samma Gon EP'' was one of them, including three fantastic tracks fully in groovy vibes and rhythms. This bundle is an acoustic minimal treatment from the start to the end covering the House & some Tech flavour. Ambiance is the perfect term to describe this particular compositions.



Damaged In Detroit

by Dee Brown ( UK )

As part of the proper slap 1st phase of this year 2016, we have on board once again our dear friend Dee Brown from UK.. She's striking again with her deep roots of totally representation of house music in this fresh release called ''Damaged In Detroit''. This song is abundant in acid lines and with hypnotic vocals. Happily this title includes a remix version by Head Honcho from the music label Midnight Social Recordings Carlo Gambino. This interpretation is pretty marked with the original version but certainly with the taste that defines Gambino's technique. The other original track in this bundle is ''Acid Sprinkle''. Here's where this girl know how to attach and elevate her music style across the air.


Ziehen Wall Paper.jpg
Ziehen 01.jpg


by Edwardo Louder

The Proper Slap family is proud to present ''Ziehen'' by our friend from Venezuela Edwardo Louder. This man established on Miami a few years ago, has been playing in that local scene in many events around the city. During the past years, he has created a good relations on Dominican Republic, being part of the Dominican venues on many areas of the country. This bundle contains two solid tracks by this gentleman. The first track Drucken surrounded by tech house rhythms and spontaneous sounds in all the tune. Second track is called Ziehen. Showing a little more deepest vibes, but persisting in the groovy sound with darkish climate and secret voices.


Acid Summer Ep.jpg

Acid Summer

by Alvise Torrisi

 Proper Slap Limited starting the next half of the year with a great single by Alvise Torrisi. This young producer from Sicily since an early age. Alvise's sound is eclectic, digging into rhythms from house to techno, exploring trought Deep House & Tech house. ''Acid Summer'' is a wide vision of the signature that our label family ''Proper Slap'' encourages on his musical series.


Weird Dance The Remixes A.jpg

Weird Dance The Remixes

by Gog Ft. J-Mo, Remixes by Aleksandar Grum, Khalil Touihri, Hugh Harry and Emiliano Martini

Proper Slap Limited closing the hot summer with this magnificent package of remixes. In this occasion with the original track ''Weird Dance Ft. J-mo'' by our comrade Gog from Mexico. This original track released earlier this year in our label. As part of this special pack we welcome to new independent collaborations by Khalil Touihri & Aleksandar Grum. Alongside this two versions also a third interpretation with Hugh Harry & Emiliano Martini on his first work together. Weird Dance is all you can find in this diverse & proper release for the spirit, soul & body.


Dee Brown Never Changed EP.jpg

Never Changed

by Dee Brown ( UK )

Proper Slap Limited is glad to introduce Dee Brown from UK doing her debut in our family with this highly release of two tracks called ''Never Changed''. The only way to describe this bundle is as a deeper, naughty & swinging vibes. Dee Brown is knowledge by her previews work on labels such as Freche Frute & Svogue Muziq. She also have her first vinyl release this year in the popular label Midnight Social Recordings based on Leeds.


Stereo Noise Ep 2.jpg

Stereo Noise

by Jonzz

Proper Slap giving the warm welcome to our friend from Catania in the hot Sicilian land Giordano Forest aka Jonzz. This great package contains 3 fresh songs by this young man who always knows contribute their bit to our panoramic vision. The release called 'Stereo Noise'' is exemplify as lively and high-spirited on his musical taste & savor. This great artist as delivered great works on labels such as Houseworx, Popart & Diametral. We definitely are proud to take with us this great artist & the great sound on his back.



These Things

by Criostoir

 Proper Slap give the welcome to our friend Criostoir from Waterford, Ireland. This time our label present in this catalog a package of three deeper tracks. This release called ''This Things'' travels in times with his melodic vibes. This young producer shown a good management and passion in this dreamy bundle. We're glad to continuing sharing our platform with real artist with deftness in the underground music.




Weird Dance

by Gog

Proper Slap Limited is very glad to integrate to our family one of the head honcho on the mexican music label ''Louder Music'' ''Gog''. This Mexico City's native, has been Djing Since 1998, supported by his growing trajectory and by a very defined style, Gog became an exponent recognized within the electronic scene throughout the country. His music covers practically all existent aspects within House and Techno. ''Weird Dance'' EP is definitely a extraordinary sound for our proper slap catalog. In this bundle you will find three tracks originals by this composer. ''Early days'' is a deeper road, fully in trippy tones making the path of the track and his melodies something really unique on his style. Other track here is ''People'' in this one you can feel the tech style flavour and the female vocals giving a completely groovy flow, been leaded by a few trippy sound and sweet atmospheres. Finally ''Weird Dance'' the key track of this package with the featuring of J-Mo. This piece led by the immaculate acid bass-line fusioned with the voice and the heavy beats expanded along this song.



From Brussels

by Nicola Magalotti

Proper Slap Limited starting this new year 2015 with a new member in the family Nicola Magalotti. His January release called ''From Brussels'' have a very nice sound, sliding fusions of high quality music. The release include three extraordinary songs from disco to tech styles. No doubt that this bundle is a new experience added to our label library, without the limitations of culture and sounds.



Winter Jamz

by Various Artist

Proper Slap Limited is very proud to present the 1st Compilation ''Winter Jamz 1.0'' to close this year 2014. We're very pleased with the proper success of our this limited series. In this compilation you can find the selected songs released during the start of this sub-label. Also we include fresh productions by a various prospects of the worldwide underground electronic music scene. As a project born in Puerto Rico, we share our limited platform with some global artist from different countries as Italy, London, New York, Chile, United States, Germany and Mexico. Is more than a sound, is all about the recognize of the work in all this tremendous composers. As a independent record label we love to travel in sound from deep to tech, taking a better perception of the different languages at the moment of create a piece of value.


Ike Ude Remake Cover 2015.jpg
Ike Ude Remake Cover 2015.jpg

Ike Ude

by Derek Marin

Proper Slap is proudly to present the 10th release ''Ike Ude'' of our limited series. In this occasion one of the best versatile techno producer Derek Marin. He has been playing with beats since he was nine years. Marin has been a staple of underground music for over 20 years & is one of the hardest working human beings in Techno. In 2004, he established his own imprints Faucet Music & Like Button plus he is now heading Subtrak Records. Derek's list of works is reaching an uncountable number, with productions & remixes on some of the most respected labels around the globe including: Plastic City, Dirtybird, Thoughtless Music, Get Physical, Sleaze, Little Helpers, Hidden, Subtrak,Trapez & many more. This release called ''Ike Ude'', prove again the experience of this talented producer. Ike Ude release Feat. Paulette Keer and also includes remixes as Modest D and Radcliffe Roc Isaacs. Keep a sharp eye out for Derek Marin's continuing onslaught of releases and his unbelievable live sets.


Popular games.jpg

Popular Games

by Werner Niedermeier

We're very glad to present ''Popular Games'' release with two amazing songs ''Con Voy'' & ''Popular Games''. For this 9th release Proper Slap Limited welcomes Werner Niedermeier to the family. Niedermeier started his DJ career in the early 90s in Germany pioneering house in a techno world. Travelling around the globe, Werner played to appreciative clubbers at prestigious venues such as Yellow (Tokyo), Fabric (London), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Rex Club (Paris) and Turntables on the Hudson (NYC). This man recognized by his work with a lot people and music labels like Supplement Facts, Rue De Plaisance, Get Physical, Bulletdodge and more in this worldwide industry. We can't forget to mention his reputable touch as studio engineer in a lot good quality productions in the market. The sound in this bundle travels from house to techy expressions. Also this virtuous bundle includes remixes by exclusive puerto rican producers C.J. Does, Hugh Harry & Emiliano Martini. The sound in this package promises to be rich in atmospheres, rhythms and unsual moods for all day.



Isolation Level Remixes 2.jpg

Isolation level The Remixes

by C.J. Does, Emiliano Martini, Frank C, Alejandro Romero, Jonzz

Proper Slap Limited is very glad to present the eighth release of this limited series. In this ocasion with the remixes package of ''Isolation Level''. This song produced by C.J. Does & Emiliano Martini, released on 2013. We're very proud to feature those great talented artists and his creative versions of this unforgettable song. You can find here a great interpretations by the Italians producers as Frank C and Jonzz, also the good collaboration of Alejandro Romero from Ecuador. All this producers recognized by his variety of works in different labels recognized from the underground global industry of music. Deeper sensations is all you can find in this proper bundle.



Prison Poetry

by C.J. Does, Emiliano Martini, Pat Fontes & Flavio Acaron

Back in 2013 the Isolation Level EP became one of the finest releases Proper Slap Limited ever did, the result, we gained big support from well known people in the underground music industry. On that bundle Prison Poetry was the most accepted track because of those hypnotic melodies and pronounced feelings on the piano keys, that is why this 7th Limited release will be dedicated to the remixes of this great track composed by none other than C.J. Does, a Caribbean producer with a taste for the underground. This bundle contains original remixes from great producers such as: Flavio Acaron, Pat Fontes and Emiliano Martini; each of these composers have their own style, flow and creativity to transform Prison Poetry into something fresh and new. Here at Proper Slap we consider that this release is a dream team package in our catalogues and we feel blessed to be able to work with authentic producers, that no matter where they are, they always work with real passion & enthusiasm.


SS (9 of 14).jpg

Timeless Delusion

by Emiliano Martini

Proper Slap Limited is proud to present the sixth release of this exclusive series, named ''Timeless Delusion'' by. Emiliano Martini. This EP contains three unusual pure songs appropriate for the dance club and daily therapy. The first one, Timeless Delusion is a builded song in all his expressions levels, vocals, succulent basslines, acid accents, and his harmonious & hypnotical stabs. Other of the track is ''Gentle Lady''. One of those songs that keep you involved until the end. The back and forth response, sticky bass-line, those alive claps and the midi touch in structure on his melodies, creating movement in the shoulders. The final track called ''Whimsical Garden''. This one is a deeper and sophisticated song. Representative from the serene atmosphere in a rainy night in the middle of the forest, recording the nature and the noise of some caribbean little creatures like part of the ambient in the dimension of this relaxing journey.


Get Down Project-5.jpg

Get Down The Remixes

by Emiliano Martini, Pat Fontes, Jaminic, C.J. Does, Hugh Harry

We are pleased to present you a premium bundle of ''Get Down'' remixes. Subsequent with the original track released by Pat Fontes on his ''Muted Entrance EP''. We worked in this ocassion with a robust and solid package with great collaborations from different artists in the proper slap family like C.J. Does, Hugh Harry & Emiliano Martini. We also welcome a promising and talented producer JAMINIC to complete this bundle and a proper bonus version by Pat Fontes called ''Dirty Dub''.



White Marshmallow

by Gera, Christopher Alexander

PSL 004 ''White Marshmallow'' Proper Slap Limited Presents its fourth release called ''White Marshmallow''. As a proper task, this time we bring the royal integration of one of the most certified producers from the island of Puerto Rico for many years, Christhopher Alexander. Collaborating alongside his prodigy, Gera. Gera is the only truly fresh female DJ Producer on the island with proper domain on this matter. Christopher is one of the founders of the Z Boys crew hitting the puerto rican scene since 1999, and releasing some collaborations with recognized international labels.This release is a complete translation of a modern Techno vision based on the time at which both composers have been working on music together for the last two years. In this bundle we can relish two ideal techno tracks for the dancefloor. ''White Marshmallow'' tune stands out with all the energetic and rich vibe, involving the combination of his melodies and her hard driving beats in a perfect expedition for shake the body all night. The other song called ''Purple Mushrooms'' was based in a deeper techno structure. Both tracks were a product of Christopher merely helping to structure Gera's forward thinking modern Techno attitude. Keeping the meter in rhythm, making this package suitable and genuine for keeping the proper slap vision forward.



Muted Entrance

by Pat Fontes

 Proper Slap Limited is gladly to presents the third release called ''Muted Entrance'' composed by the talented producer Pat Fontes. This creative soul from Boston is highly respected for his work in a various distinguished record labels. In this proper bundle we can find three brilliant songs completely ideal for electronic music lovers. The first track is ''Get Down'' one of those pieces with great construction in the drum performance making the track very rhythmical, in companion of a stylish urban vocal and a luminous melodies, that make this track suitable for recreation time. The second song in this package is ''Be More'' this tune is a great journey for the club. Also this song emphasizes through the melodies, the perception and influences in the underground music by decades. The final track in this release entitled ''Muted Entrance''. This track was establish in the electronic gender, expressing relaxing moods and atmospheres with amazing deeper sounds. We are completely sure Fontes do not hesitate to capture his vision and quality to create those masterpieces.



Isolation Level

by C.J. Does, Emiliano Martini

Proper Slap Limited is pleased to present its second release on the series, entitled Isolation Level. This release includes the participation of two Proper Slap fine producers, C.J. Does & Emiliano Martini. For a long time, both producers were working on crafting their own individual sounds on separated ways, until they finally got the chance to share and spend some productive quality time on the studio together, just like old times. On this release you'll find three tracks that are derived from Deep House & Tech, making it a very interesting piece in our newly formed catalogues. The concept of this release was to present one separated track from each producer, as well as one collaboration between them. The first track on this release is called Prison Poetry by C.J. Does. This one is a very dark melodic piece of deep tech sounds that emulate different influences, to create a new sound that only this producer can compose with his creativity. It is a clever combination between simple melodies and rough patterns that work together on a deep and angry ambience that surrounds the whole piece. The second track, was composed by Emiliano Martini and it is entitled Silently Gaze. This is one of those tracks with a low and mysterious parallel pattern that present the intensity of radiant strings and plays a constant percussive element that gives a fine touch to the given pattern. The additive of some attractive vocal and the sound of an amazing synthesizer playing as a main sound, gives this tune a sudden rhythm that you'll enjoy every time it plays. Finally, the primary track of this release, entitled Isolation Level. This track was composed by both producers, and it is the kind of song that has an ambitious flavor you can't deny. The combination of drums, vocals, waves and strings under an 808 influenced bass, makes this track a very strong, rich full and concentrated sound that is made for the underground dance floors from around the world. With all of this on their hands, among other things, this is just the beginning of many projects that await these two producers as a close team.


Love & Quarrel Remake for 2015 background.jpg
Love & Quarrel Remake for 2015.jpg

Love and Quarrel

by Flavio Acaron, Hugh Harry

The Proper Slap family is proud and excited to bring you the first installment of they're sub-label Proper Slap LTD and for this occasion the boys weren't shy to call in label big guns Hugh Harry and Flavio Acarn to kick things off in Proper Slap fashion. Lover & Quarrel Ep is composed of two tracks. Lover & Quarrel is a melodic techie little monster. Its catchy bass, chopped up vocals and electric piano breakbeat breakdown lead us to heavenly psi-fi blissful house. The B Side ''You & I'' is a little more on the deep side with a great Juno Bassline and pitched down vocals that lead us into great melodic ambience and utterly placing the beat back into place for another jam cycle.