Deep grooves, rhythms & thoughts is what Proper Slap Recordings is all about. In 2012 this Electronic Digital Music imprint label was established in the tropical island of Puerto Rico with one thing on mind: Underground Quality. It is our job to slap the rest with our vision of how underground music works properly, which is something that only Proper Slap can do in its demographic limitations. Influences inside the label varies, every artist has their own, but collectively we all embrace those deep sounds and tunes that trend around the world no matter where they come from, as long as they come from the shadows of the underground.

Demo policy.

Before sending your demo, please make sure your style is matching Proper Slap Records profile. Please send us only finished tracks and use SoundCloud links, no filesharing services or MP3 attachments. Don't forget to include a little information about yourself, main achievements, past and forthcoming releases, etc. If we are interested in your music, we will get in touch with you.

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