Isolation Level

by C.J. Does, Emiliano Martini

Proper Slap Limited is pleased to present its second release on the series, entitled Isolation Level. This release includes the participation of two Proper Slap fine producers, C.J. Does & Emiliano Martini. For a long time, both producers were working on crafting their own individual sounds on separated ways, until they finally got the chance to share and spend some productive quality time on the studio together, just like old times. On this release you'll find three tracks that are derived from Deep House & Tech, making it a very interesting piece in our newly formed catalogues. The concept of this release was to present one separated track from each producer, as well as one collaboration between them. The first track on this release is called Prison Poetry by C.J. Does. This one is a very dark melodic piece of deep tech sounds that emulate different influences, to create a new sound that only this producer can compose with his creativity. It is a clever combination between simple melodies and rough patterns that work together on a deep and angry ambience that surrounds the whole piece. The second track, was composed by Emiliano Martini and it is entitled Silently Gaze. This is one of those tracks with a low and mysterious parallel pattern that present the intensity of radiant strings and plays a constant percussive element that gives a fine touch to the given pattern. The additive of some attractive vocal and the sound of an amazing synthesizer playing as a main sound, gives this tune a sudden rhythm that you'll enjoy every time it plays. Finally, the primary track of this release, entitled Isolation Level. This track was composed by both producers, and it is the kind of song that has an ambitious flavor you can't deny. The combination of drums, vocals, waves and strings under an 808 influenced bass, makes this track a very strong, rich full and concentrated sound that is made for the underground dance floors from around the world. With all of this on their hands, among other things, this is just the beginning of many projects that await these two producers as a close team.