Prison Poetry

by C.J. Does, Emiliano Martini, Pat Fontes & Flavio Acaron

Back in 2013 the Isolation Level EP became one of the finest releases Proper Slap Limited ever did, the result, we gained big support from well known people in the underground music industry. On that bundle Prison Poetry was the most accepted track because of those hypnotic melodies and pronounced feelings on the piano keys, that is why this 7th Limited release will be dedicated to the remixes of this great track composed by none other than C.J. Does, a Caribbean producer with a taste for the underground. This bundle contains original remixes from great producers such as: Flavio Acaron, Pat Fontes and Emiliano Martini; each of these composers have their own style, flow and creativity to transform Prison Poetry into something fresh and new. Here at Proper Slap we consider that this release is a dream team package in our catalogues and we feel blessed to be able to work with authentic producers, that no matter where they are, they always work with real passion & enthusiasm.