Timeless Delusion

by Emiliano Martini

Proper Slap Limited is proud to present the sixth release of this exclusive series, named ''Timeless Delusion'' by. Emiliano Martini. This EP contains three unusual pure songs appropriate for the dance club and daily therapy. The first one, Timeless Delusion is a builded song in all his expressions levels, vocals, succulent basslines, acid accents, and his harmonious & hypnotical stabs. Other of the track is ''Gentle Lady''. One of those songs that keep you involved until the end. The back and forth response, sticky bass-line, those alive claps and the midi touch in structure on his melodies, creating movement in the shoulders. The final track called ''Whimsical Garden''. This one is a deeper and sophisticated song. Representative from the serene atmosphere in a rainy night in the middle of the forest, recording the nature and the noise of some caribbean little creatures like part of the ambient in the dimension of this relaxing journey.