Weird Dance

by Gog

Proper Slap Limited is very glad to integrate to our family one of the head honcho on the mexican music label ''Louder Music'' ''Gog''. This Mexico City's native, has been Djing Since 1998, supported by his growing trajectory and by a very defined style, Gog became an exponent recognized within the electronic scene throughout the country. His music covers practically all existent aspects within House and Techno. ''Weird Dance'' EP is definitely a extraordinary sound for our proper slap catalog. In this bundle you will find three tracks originals by this composer. ''Early days'' is a deeper road, fully in trippy tones making the path of the track and his melodies something really unique on his style. Other track here is ''People'' in this one you can feel the tech style flavour and the female vocals giving a completely groovy flow, been leaded by a few trippy sound and sweet atmospheres. Finally ''Weird Dance'' the key track of this package with the featuring of J-Mo. This piece led by the immaculate acid bass-line fusioned with the voice and the heavy beats expanded along this song.