White Marshmallow

by Gera, Christopher Alexander

PSL 004 ''White Marshmallow'' Proper Slap Limited Presents its fourth release called ''White Marshmallow''. As a proper task, this time we bring the royal integration of one of the most certified producers from the island of Puerto Rico for many years, Christhopher Alexander. Collaborating alongside his prodigy, Gera. Gera is the only truly fresh female DJ Producer on the island with proper domain on this matter. Christopher is one of the founders of the Z Boys crew hitting the puerto rican scene since 1999, and releasing some collaborations with recognized international labels.This release is a complete translation of a modern Techno vision based on the time at which both composers have been working on music together for the last two years. In this bundle we can relish two ideal techno tracks for the dancefloor. ''White Marshmallow'' tune stands out with all the energetic and rich vibe, involving the combination of his melodies and her hard driving beats in a perfect expedition for shake the body all night. The other song called ''Purple Mushrooms'' was based in a deeper techno structure. Both tracks were a product of Christopher merely helping to structure Gera's forward thinking modern Techno attitude. Keeping the meter in rhythm, making this package suitable and genuine for keeping the proper slap vision forward.